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The Benefits of Resistance Training

Some of us shy away from resistance training – we don’t want to get ‘bulky’, it’s too hard, or it’s just not for me. But there are so many benefits of resistance training. When we talk about resistance training we are not just talking about going to the gym and pumping iron. Resistance training can incorporate your own body weight, resistance bands, weights or weight machines or anything you have lying around the house you can utilise!

So, why should we incorporate resistance training into our lives? There are so many benefits to our bodies including:

  • Increasing muscle strength to protect our bones and joints from injury. Stronger muscles carry the weight and stress of your movements, reducing the impact on your joints and bones.
  • Increase bone density and strength to reduce the risk of osteoporosis or bony injuries. Not only does resistance training help with bone strength it can help with balance preventing fractures associated with falls.
  • Increase the strength and thickness of ligaments and tendons to protect our joints.
  • Disc health for our back. With resistance training (body, free weights and machine weights) we’re building our ability to take load through our spine without injury.
  • Increasing general health and well-being. Including weight management, lowering blood pressure, managing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, depression and obesity.

So whether you’re a runner, a mum, office worker or retired you can be loading your body! Remember you should always load progressively and seek advice from your physiotherapist, trainer or doctor if this is new to you!

Want to start your resistance training today? Join one of our Pilates classes to start reaping the benefits of resistance training. Click here to see our timetable.

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