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As we all know athletes place a high demand on their bodies in their chosen sports, which will naturally stress and strain their muscles, joints and bones. At Physio On Miller we work alongside you, to get you back competing to the best of your abilities. Our team will help you to fully recover from the sport-related injury, but also provide much needed education and advice to prevent the same problem arising in the future.

At Physio On Miller we understand that athletes; be it recreational or professional, have different physiotherapy needs regarding treatment when recovering from an acute or longer term injury. Our team’s experience in dealing with sub-elite level sports men and women, from a variety of sports including rugby, AFL, cricket, Netball and soccer; has equipped us with the skills necessary to efficiently diagnose and effectively treat a wide range of sporting injuries and issues.

Some common sport injuries we treat include:

  • Tendon injuries i.e: Achilles or patellar tendinopathy and tennis or golfers elbow
  • Muscular injuries i.e: hamstring or calf tears
  • Ligament injuries i.e: ACL or AC joint
  • Joint related injuries i.e: dislocations of shoulder or fractures of the elbow.

So if you have any sport related injury you are worried about and wish to make an appointment please get in touch with us.


Physio On Miller is excited to provide gym based rehab at Norths Fitness to help with return to sport recovery.  We are available pre-game strapping and in clinic injury rehab.