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Going to a physiotherapist for the first time can be daunting, especially when you are in pain.

To help you feel at ease when you arrive we have provided information on what to expect on your first visit:

1. New Patient Form:

So we have all your information in our system (allowing us to communicate with you as needed) we ask you to fill out a new patient form.  This covers basic information like name, date of birth, contact details and area of injury.  It also requests permission to obtain any medical information from other health professionals who may be involved with your treatment.  This ensures we can provide you with a quality health assessment, diagnosis and treatment together with your other health professionals.

2. Listen:

Your physio will ask you for a detailed account of  your current injury.  This will assist us in having a thorough understanding about your injury and provide us with information for your diagnosis.

3. Look:

We will then ask you to do a number of movements, some which may be a little painful or uncomfortable and we will have a feel of your injury area.  This allows us to see what activity causes pain and why it is causing pain.  From this we have a clear idea about your condition and the treatment necessary to get you better.

4. Talk:

It is important to us that you understand your condition and how it is going to get better.  We talk to you, in an easy to understand way, about your condition and your treatment plan.  As always if you have any questions we welcome open conversation.

5. Treat:

At Physio On Miller all our treatments are one-on-one consultations which involve “hands-on” (manual) treatment such as massage, stretching, or joint mobilisation (loosening).  To accompany all treatments we will give you tips and applicable exercises to help with your recovery.

6. Until next time:

We encourage you to contact us between appointments if you have any questions about the treatment or how you’re feeling.  It’s always our aim to get you better as quickly as possible.

“Having been to numerous physiotherapists in the past, I was reluctant to part with my money once more.  However, a reoccurring calf injury and the dream of running a marathon, saw me give it one last go to see if I could finally be ‘fixed’.  Melissa from Physio on Miller made me feel this was possible from the very first consultation.  Not only did she take the time to thoroughly listen to past injuries and expected outcomes, but she explained (in simple language), why and how my type of injury happens.  Using a wall chart she clearly showed me how our muscles are linked, and therefore why working on one area can aid another.  Melissa is professional, yet personable and with her treatment, I know a marathon is achievable.” Leisa, Cammeray