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Importance of looking after my physical health

Having had 2 babies, I’ve come to personally know the importance of looking after my physical health after childbirth.  It’s not only during the pregnancy that we need to make sure we’re in our best physical health but it’s what comes after that is also physically demanding.  The running after the toddler, feeding the newborn and the lifting – lifting the babies out of cots, lifting the pram into the car, lifting, lifting, constant lifting!!

I’ve noticed I’m complaining a bit too often about my sore neck/shoulder from all the feeding and my back from carrying little Indie (or not so little Indie).  It’s no good telling all my clients to look after themselves if I don’t follow my own advice.  So I’ve booked in for physio and I’m getting back into my Pilates.  And the best thing I’m feeling better for it.  I’m not so sore, I’m feeling stronger and it’s easier to lift the pram!

If like me you find it hard to fit some exercise into your day we’ve got a 7 minute core workout that can be done in front of the tele at the end of your day.  Enjoy!!