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Get your body summer ready

As winter comes to an end we might all be feeling a little more motivated to get healthy.  As the days get longer and a little warmer it’s easier to exercise and lighter, healthier food becomes more tempting. A recent article in SMH gave great tips to start getting your body summer ready:

1. Incidental exercise

The new fad is NEAT fitness – non-exercise activity thermogenesis.  Essentially what it means is adding incidental exercise to your day, such as walking the stairs rather than taking the lift, getting out at lunchtime and walking to do your groceries.  These are all tasks we need to do anyway but by adding a little more exercise you will start to burn extra calories.


High intensity interval training is great as its short bursts of activity followed by short periods of recovery.  For those time poor trying to fit in exercise its a great way of getting started as it only takes 20 minutes.

3.  Meditate

With life being so hectic it’s rare we get time to ourselves to pause and reflect.  With the warmer days find yourself some time to sit and soak up some spring sunshine rays.

4. Stretch

We always mention stretching is a great way to prevent injury but it can also force some time out.  At the end of a busy day it’s great to get home and spend some time stretching out our stiff muscles and joints.

At Physio On Miller we offer Pilates classes which can help tone and stretch your body ready for summer!