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Can Physio Help Tennis Elbow?

So you’ve got a pain in your elbow and you’re wondering if physio can help tennis elbow? You’ve all probably heard of Lateral Epicondylitis also known more commonly as Tennis Elbow. There is a high prevalence of this injury especially in individuals older than 40 years old, as well as those who play racquet sports i.e tennis and squash. It is also common in those who undertake repetitive movements of wrist extension and/or gripping such as painters or carpenters.

Tennis elbow is the most common type of elbow pain people present with, characterised by pain on the outside aspect of the elbow. It can vary from low grade occasional discomfort to high grade continuous pain. Tennis elbow is an overuse injury where the common extensor tendon and the extensor carpi radialis brevis tendons are subjected to repetitive loads causing microtears and pain. It can be very painful and debilitating, affecting your day to day activities which is why it is very important to seek treatment earlier rather than later. If not treated appropriately it can develop into a chronic condition.

Treatment for Tennis Elbow favours conservative management with majority of tennis elbow injuries resolving within 12 months. There is a high recurrence rate if not managed appropriately. The aim of treatment is to initially manage load (relative rest), control inflammation, manage pain and patient education. The next stage is to re-introduce appropriate loads through specific wrist and elbow exercises with the goal to return to pre-
injury strength and function. It is necessary to strengthen above and below the elbow as well as allowing adequate recovery of the area.

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