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Training regime to get Rafael Nadal through to Quarter Finals in Australian Open 2011

I have been staying up to watch the exciting games of the Australian Open and last night’s match between Nadal and Cilic was fantastic.  Watching the match, it made me wonder about the training regime required to get these players to their best performance.

In an article last year in the Wall Street Journal, Barry Flatman spoke with Nadal’s coaching team to find out the training secrets behind the success of Rafa.  Although the exact training program will never be disclosed, Rafa’s coach and trainer provide a small insight into what it takes to get him ready for the tournaments.

The training program includes:

  • Agility work to improve his coordination, balance and footwork, using the bosu and balance board
  • Aerobic workouts
  • Strength work, particularly around the hips and
  • Hours of stretching and recovery in the water

Fortunately for Rafa he has an abundant amount of support and assistance in getting him in top shape for his events and ensuring good recovery.

For most of us, as the average, active athlete, our training program and recovery sessions are our responsibility.  It is important to always include a variety of training to ensure you are not impacting the same joints repetitively and include a good long session of stretching- important to keep the muscles flexible.  To assist you in getting into top shape for your events either call us on 8065 6902 for a physio appointment or join us in our Pilates classes.