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Having gained A Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) degree from Manchester Metropolitain University in the UK in 2013, Tom decided to work and study to enable completion of a Masters of Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal) 2 years later.  Tom is passionate about exercises and manual techniques gained from the latest evidence to enable people to return to their normal, everyday function be that around the house or on the sports field. With a keen emphasis on functional rehabilitation Tom looks to base his treatment goals around real life application. Being a lifelong sportsman Tom and having spent multiple seasons as a physio on the slopes, has transferred his knowledge of the game of rugby and the demands of skiing from the field and has applied it to rehabilitating and pre-habilitating those off it. A great advocate of a healthy lifestyle, Tom is a firm believer that movement is medicine.  Tom draws on his passions outside the clinic, namely Jiu-Jitsu, snow sports and strength and conditioning, and applies it to those he treats.