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New Health Initiative from the Australian Government – Swap It Don’t Stop It – Building a Healthier Lifestyle

The Australian Federal Government launched a new health campaign yesterday –Swap It Don’t Stop It.  The initiative encourages Australians to lose centimetres from their waistline therefore reducing their risk of some types of cancer, Diabetes and heart disease.

In 2007-2008 the proportion of overweight or obese Australians increased to 61% and there is no sign that this is slowing down. Through Eric the friendly blue balloon, the Swap It campaign is promoting healthy lifestyles by encouraging people to swap their unhealthy habits for healthier options.  Its key mission is to Swap It Don’t Stop It – telling people they don’t have to give up on the things they love but encouraging small and achievable lifestyle changes in 4 simple ways:

  1. Swap big for small – downsize your portion sizes and don’t go back for seconds
  2. Swap often for sometimes – try to cut down on the junk food and swap it for salad or fruit.
  3. Swap sitting for moving – start to walk the shorter distances rather than driving
  4. Swap watching for playing – start to get involved in sport whether it is a social game at the park or entering in a sporting competition

The campaign includes a framework to empower everyone to participate through the 12 week planner, the iPhone app and the Swapper Map.  With Eric by your side encouraging you to Swap It you will be achieving your goals in no time!