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Physiotherapy can help injuries from Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii

No longer are sporting injuries reserved for the sports fields, now there is a growing trend of injuries occurring from gaming consoles. With the introduction of Nintendo Wii and now Xbox Kinect the gaming world has been turned upside down. No longer are players sitting in their chair with a controller but now players are getting up and dancing, playing tennis or even wakeboarding.

With all this activity, injuries such as sprained ankles, elbow tendinopathy and lower back strains are all too common. So what are the best ways to avoid injury?

1. Make sure you have a generous space to play
2. Wear appropriate footwear eg if running make sure you are wearing sneakers
3. Warm-up- it may seem silly but you are exercising
4. Have appropriate breaks- you wouldn’t play a tennis match for 5 hours nor should you be on the Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect for extended periods with repetitive movements
5. Watch common technique mistakes eg when playing tennis on the Nintendo Wii most people use the wrist and end up with “tennis elbow”
6. Stretch – if you have repetitively used a muscle it is going to hurt after exercising so to reduce this soreness make sure you stretch

Unfortunately injuries still occur so if you are suffering give us a call at Physio On Miller to get yourself back on track. Call us now on 8065 6902