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Exercise to win the battle against obesity

The fight against obesity gets a lot of coverage in the media.  Recently The Sydney Morning Herald has published some articles on this topic. The most recent article reveals research published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice linking physical exercise with a cut in disease risk including obesity.  Although a study focused on men, the importance of physical activity is relevant to both sexes across all ages.  Another research paper gaining publicity from the SMH is one published in the American Science Medicine Journal.  This group of researchers found people who exercised decreased their genetic predisposition to obesity by an average of 40%.  This is great encouragement to continue to persevere with exercise!

Another ambassador for the battle against obesity is Jamie Oliver.  He is coming to Australia to promote his Ministry of Food.  The program, supported by the Queensland Government, “is about getting people cooking again by teaching them the basics: how to cook, how to shop, and how to enjoy food in a way that benefits not only individuals, but also their families. We want to give as many people as possible the tools and information they need to be able to make better food choices. “  This follows a National Health Survey in 2007 which found over 60% of adults were either overweight or obese.

As we all know obesity is a problem facing the Australian population and we can all do our bit to combat it.  Leading into summer is a great opportunity to start exercising.  With the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, there is no excuse.

Visit your local health and fitness professional to get you started on a program and give your body a once over to make sure you can exercise injury and pain free!

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