Liz Wakefield


Liz has been working in the field of preventative health for over twenty years. Her focus has always been directed towards healing the whole person. The modalities of homeopathy, remedial massage and lymphatic massage either in combination or as a single therapies offer clients support and healing in the pursuit of continued wellbeing and vitality.

Lymphatic drainage is an effective and relaxing technique useful in situations where there is excess fluid in the body, such as post surgical procedures (such as knee and hip reconstruction, mastectomy) and post injury oedema. Flowing and pumping movements are utilized to stimulate the major lymph nodes and to remove metabolic and cellular waste products from the body.

Liz is a member of The Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

She is passionate about massage as a means for people to achieve optimal health and well-being – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her style is firm and intuitive and responsive to the individual needs of her clients.